Can High Blood Pressure cause Headaches?

High blood pressure has no apparent symptoms and many people experience high blood pressure without even knowing it. High blood pressure may lead to cardiovascular diseases and kidney malfunction.

However, in some cases a person suffering from high blood pressure can show the signs of headache and blurry eye sight. According to the National Institute of Neurological disorder and stroke, a pounding headache may be the sign of stroke caused by high blood pressure.

The heart pumps blood in your arteries with constant force, which results in a continuous flow of blood from top to bottom in your body. High blood pressure signifies that the flow of blood in your body is dangerously fast while low blood signifies that the flow of blood is dangerously low.

The blood pressure is at its peak, when the blood pumps out of the heart to the various parts of the body. As this blood flows through the arteries your blood pressure climbs back down to a normal level.

The top number in a blood pressure rating is called the systolic pressure and the lower number is called diastolic pressure.  High blood pressure can result in strokes and low blood pressure can lead to dizziness and other symptoms.

People with regular headaches should get their blood pressure measured often to make sure that it remains in control. The prescribed medications are advised to people with blood pressure problems to ward off symptoms.

People with blood pressure problems should be aware of the intensity of their headaches and should rush to the doctor before the problem persists. Head pains should not be taken lightly, whether they are or not because of blood pressure.

High blood pressure in pregnant women is dangerous. They may not experience headaches, but if they do they should also seek medical advice, self-medication is a big no-no here.

However, according to new research, people with their systolic pressure above 150 have a 30 percent less chance of a having a head pain that is not a migraine. Headaches in individuals who have blood pressure problems are a minor indication of malignant hypertension.

Also, do not always misunderstand your headache for blood pressure. It might be due to some other cause. Taking unnecessary medications related to blood pressure can activate any issue or worsen it if you already have one.

Yes, headaches may be a symptom, but it is not enough to establish that the individual has high blood pressure. Many other symptoms such as sharp pain in the arms or blurry eyesight can be major indications.

The normal blood pressure range is 120/80. People who have suffered heart strokes should have blood pressure even lower than the normal range. Any number above or below this range, falls in the category of high and low blood pressure.  According to research, 10 to 22 percent of adult population suffers both from blood pressure and headaches. High blood pressure is the second most common reason people visit the doctors, first being back pain.

Hence, we can clearly establish that blood pressure and headaches are associated. They may not be related closely, but we cannot cancel out the symptom of headache in people with high blood pressure. It is a sign which is evident since always and in majority cases is often because of high blood pressure.

If someone in your family has blood pressure, then it is strongly advisable to get regular check-ups. It is best to buy blood pressure monitoring equipment for home to regularly stay updated on your blood pressure. Blood pressure is a menace that can reduce the quality of your life and shall be taken care of seriously.