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He would rather become homeless and be someone else different than pursue "dreams" with his mom. Choose one of the browsed House Of Gold By Jimmy Swaggart lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. So he made the song to show that he still cared about his mom and that nothing could take him away from what he loved, just distract him from that love that kinder within him. He tells her not to worry and that he's sorry that he couldn't of given her a better life when he was younger and she was caring for him, and promises her he will make her famous by letting people know how much she cared and took care of him and their family, by putting her on the map, and finding a cure for her disease (ill put you in the map, ill cure you of disease) which takes us back to her asking him "Son when I get old, will you buy me a house of gold, and when your father turns to stone, will you take care of me? My interpretation is simple. Written by: Tyler … French translation of lyrics for House of Gold by twenty one pilots. Browse this web site for more country gospel lyrics with chords by Hank. It starts off with a house in the country and Tyler happily playing the ukulele. I think the songs meaning is that he is tore in half between his mom and music career. He promises a House of Gold to his mom, because his mom always backed what he did, and when your father turns to Stone, could also mean he leaves the Family... and when the father leaves, he fails to support the family. C. 1. Browse for House Of Gold By Jimmy Swaggart song lyrics by entered search phrase. his heart is with his mother, but since he wants to travel, his heart and body split and he stayed with his mother and his legs pursued his dreams. House Of Gold Lyrics. First the conversation is between him and his mother his mother ask him to build her a house of gold after his father dies (she ask me son when I grow old will you buy me a house of gold when your father turns to stone). In the song his emotions are split between his love, his motivation, his mother and the thing that he loves, the thing he wants, the thing that inspires him, his career as a singer, but if he were to forget his mother he would lose inspiration. Then Tyler's body falls dead. The harmonic melody believe it or not has a dark meaning. 1. The humor comes when Josh's bottom half is wondering around, not knowing where to go. House Of Gold Lyrics. Lyrics and TranslationHouse of Gold twenty one pilots. happy huh. She asked me, "Son, when I grow old Will you buy me a house of gold? Try Now. F. 2. I especially appreciate your perspective on the video, as I had still been pondering it, but what you propose makes a lot of sense. But his Mom wants a house of gold. I am not summarizing the song, I am just going to explain the part about Tyler becoming a bum. "And when your father turns to stone, will you take care of me" could be translated to And when your father (beats/hurts me) will you take care of me. This represents that the machine killed Tyler and Josh. So the son feels his mother was always there for him... and his father turned to stone when he left. C7. House of Gold by Twenty One Pilots - Karaoke Lyrics on Smule. ultimate guitar com. For wealth and what it will buy. Tyler is trying to say don't revolve your life all around your dreams. adunit_id: 100001411, She wants him to get this house when his father dies. But he is torn between both his mother and his dream. on Amazon Music Unlimited (ad) "A House Of Gold". And when your father turns to stone, Will you take care of me?" House of Gold This song is by Twenty One Pilots and appears on the album Vessel (2013). There are 60 lyrics related to House Of Gold By Jimmy Swaggart. Tyler meets a girl and they run away to pursue their young dreams. His mother asked him to build a house of gold when his father dies and take care of her. People steal, they cheat and lie For wealth and what it will buy Don't they know on the judgement day That their gold and silver will melt away I'd rather be in a deep, dark grave And know that my poor soul was saved Than to live in this world in a house of gold And deny my God and doom my soul Jesus said … And know that my poor soul was saved. She asked me, "Son, when I grow old, Will you buy me a house of gold? In the first verse, Tyler starts out with a question his mother asked, para-phrased in song lyrics.

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