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It ripens early October. Northern Spy apples flesh is yellow to white, rather firm, very tender, crisp, juicy, slightly sweet and mildly acidic. Out of stock. Nova Spy Nova Spy was introduced by the Nova Scotia Research Station in Kentville. weather $24.00. Currently unavailable. Thin fruit to maximize quality and size. Aside from a sweet late winter treat it makes an excellent cooking apple. Most times, orders having items with different shipping Hardiness Zone & More Granpa's Nature Friendly™NovaSpy is a good scab resistant alternative to Northern Spy, which it resembles. the contiguous On mature trees to maintain shape, maximize sun exposure and encourage fruit production. There are normally two goals when pruning an apple tree: 1. This description is based on observations of the cultivar as grown on a limited scale in commercial orchards of the Annapolis Valley and in test plots at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Centres at Kentville, Nova Scotia and Smithfield, Ontario. Nova Spy was developed in Nova Scotia as a scab-resistant "Spy-type" apple. It’s hard to beat the Prairie Spy Apple if you’re looking for an excellent storage apple. Nova Spy apple tree is a cross between Nova Easygro and Northern Spy x Golden Delicious. My Empire regrew at twice the rate or more than all the other varieties and has regained a beautiful semetrical shape. Get tips on selecting the best products for your garden! Subscribe to our email list to receive best offer. Zone 3-9. Your Free Shipping coupon is being applied. One progeny derived from the cross (Malus floribunda 821 x 'Rome Beauty') x (M. floribunda 821 x 'Rome Beauty') approximated a segregation ratio of 1 scab resistant : 1 scab susceptible. Large orders or large items may be shipped to you Out of stock. P.O. Due to hot Rootstocks are plants with pre-established root systems onto which a cutting or a bud from another plant is grafted, allowing for control of vigor and/or disease-resistant abilities. A Northern Spy seedling. Apple trees may make great shade trees, but if your primary purpose in planting is to garner the delicious fruit, you need to pull out those pruning shears and get to work. Copyright © 2020 Gardens Alive!, d/b/a Gurney's Seed and Nursery Co. All Rights Reserved. (Harvest dates are approximate for south central PA. A medium to large red apple with a semi-sweet, crisp flesh. History. The type of product you order or the weather in our area to yours may It bakes well and is a good keeper. Directions to ACN, Super Chief® Red Delicious (Sandidge Cv. What varieties it developed from is unknown, but this is considered an heirloom apple. The apples are quite large and have a handsome red-flush over a yellow-green background. It ripens late, can store for 3 months or more and flavor improves with storage. We continually monitor weather Aspers, PA 17304 $24.00. schedules are held affect the The Northern Spy apple tree was first planted in the early 1800s by Herman Chaplin in an East Bloomfield, New York orchard using seeds from Salisbury, Connecticut. Thank you for signing up for our special offers and promotions! Standard: Approximately 5-10 bushels at maturity. Exhibits resistance to fire blight and scab. Thank you! We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Generally self-fertile, which means that the variety is pollinated by … Introduced from Nova Scotia, Nova Spy Fruit Trees start bearing apples in just three years. Redfree Apple Tree. We have received your request. Apples are generally late blooming. NOTE: We are unable to ship our trees to PO Boxes at this time. of Fruit-Boost™ Pelletized Calcium to enhance fruit quality, 12 oz. Unwanted shoots and suckers can be removed at any time. You will be notified when this product is in stock. Adjust accordingly for other locations.). Large, red fruit with crisp, juicy flesh. The trees are resistant to the fungus known as apple scab, and it stores well. The tart flavour is a bit more g In all cases, we choose the fastest, most efficient way to send your Novaspy is a further development of the "Nova" series of apples from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada based in Nova Scotia. An excellent dessert apple, it is also used in pies and for cider. As the name suggests it has Northern Spy in its ancestry. Category: Apple Trees. Nova was developed in 1986, by the Atlantic Food and Horticulture Research Centre in Kentville, Nova … Nova Spy. Like the Northern Spy, it produces large, round, often flattened greenish Locate the planting depth indicator, the marked line above the tree's root system. to be delivered Late bloomer. The yellowish flesh is finely-grained, firm, crispy and juicy. The apples this tree produces are very large and round. Nova Spy Apple Tree - Li'l-BIG 2-3 ft. (1 tree) by Gurney's Seed & Nursery Company. Why buy a Deluxe package - Deluxe fruit trees include 2 oz. packages. Excellent choice of apple for eating fresh and making pies. Out of stock. Description A must-have for northern gardens. Also remove any crossed, crowded or inward-growing limbs in late winter or very early sprin, Large fruits with sweet-tart, vanilla-like flavor, Outstanding for fresh eating, pies and cider. The NovaSpy Apple Tree is a more disease resistant variety of Northern Spy. The tree needs thinning to produce large fruit that can weigh up to 7 oz (200g.) The color of … Pruning Apple Trees. Need full sun, well-drained soil, and moderate fertility. Greenish-yellow skin is flushed and striped scarlet red. Propagated Rootstocks:Bud 9, Bud 9 / EMLA 111, EMLA 7, EMLA 106, Bud 118, G-11, G-41, Use this list to help choose fruit trees which yield fruit at different times throughout the season. ). Commonly used to make apple cider because of its tartness. orders via the U.S. Winecrisp Apple Tree $24.00. Out of stock. The fruit is fine grained, rather firm, very tender, crisp, juicy yellowish flesh and has a tart, aromatic, subacid flavor that includes a hint of vanilla. You will also want to remove any suckers coming from the rootstock. Tree blooms late to avoid late spring frost zaps. It is popular in upstate New York. It harvests in the same season as Northern Spy, but is more precocious than the original Spy. Initially, on young trees, to encourage a strong, solid framework. It shows a strong resistance to scab, powdery mildew and cedar apple rust, a moderate resistance to fire blight, but some susceptibility to quince rust. Fruit has a sweet, pleasant flavor, making it very good for fresh eating. bag of Fruit Tree Food Starter Formula, easy-to-use tree ties (see video below), a premium tree guard to protect the trunk from gnawing pests, mowers and weed trimmers, and a copy of Backyard Horticulture for Fun and Profit—How to Make $10,000 in Your Spare Time. Similar to Northern Spy, the Nova Spy apple has a sweet/tart flavour Its creamy yellow flesh is crisp and fairly juicy. Flavor is tart sweet or complex. In order to have successful pollination, it may be necessary to have two different varieties of tree. For each offer ordered, get 1 Standard Deluxe, For each offer ordered, get 1 Standard 2-4' tree. Fruit is large round with a red blush over yellow. The Northern Spy Apple is a variety of apple native to the northern East Coast of the United States and parts of Michigan and Ontario and is very popular in upstate New York. PillPack by Amazon Pharmacy. Sorry, we cannot ship products to Hawaii, Alaska, APO/FPO or outside Liberty, Goldrush, McIntosh, Jonathan, Sweet Sixteen, Honeycrisp. For the 2020-21 planting season, Northern Spy is offered on the following rootstock(s) (listed in order of quantity in production, largest quantity first): M-7 (semi-dwarf, 2/3 of standard size) For Home Gardens Northern Spy is a traditional American winter apple, particularly well-suited to colder climate zones. The large fruits have a wonderful, tart-sweet, vanilla-like flavor and are excellent for fresh eating, pies and cider. Gurney's respect your privacy. It is good fresh eating but excels as a cooking and baking apple. anticipated shipping schedule, shifting earlier or later, depending. 26 Nursery Road, Resistant to common apple diseases like mildew and scab, Nova Spy also keeps well in … Nova Spy was introduced by the Nova Scotia Research Station in Kentville. Help your bare roots grow with the Transplanting Bundle found here. Nova Spy store very well and retain their high quality. 2. Discovered: 1986 Kentville, Nova Scotia . Your discount has been applied. Please provide a street address as some products are unable The winter of 2014-2015 was a particularly butal one killing some of my decades old shade trees, 6 year old peach trees, and greatly damaging most of my apple trees, some dying back to the ground. Medium 1-year bare-root tree $32.00 Mature height: 8ft-12ft after 10 years Semi-dwarf rootstock 012345678910 conditions, we are unable to ship most plant items in July and August. Postal Service or FedEx. Rated by the 19th century pomologist Robert Hogg as " a valuable dessert apple ". Introduced from Nova Scotia, Nova Spy starts bearing apples in just three years, while Northern Spy takes 10 years. The Northern Spy apples are large, vigorous tree with attractive, thin-skinned fruit. Texture is firm, hard and juicy. Let’s learn how and when to prune apple trees to get the most from your apple harvest. Description Description. Prairie Spy Apple Tree. Oops, there seems to be an error, please re-enter your email address. Gurney's trademarks are registered trademarks of Gardens Alive! It is moderately susceptible to rusts and only lightly susceptible to powdery mildew. optimum stress Because its apples hold their crisp, firm texture after baking, the "Northern Spy" apple tree (Malus domestica “Northern Spy") is a favorite among pie bakers. Trees and shrubs are kept in the nursery row until full dormant for country using Pristine Apple Tree… Northern Spy Apple is a variety from New York found prior to 1800. extreme hot or cold and adjust shipping schedules as needed. The Apple Tree. conditions for in full until the entire order is ready to ship based on your grow zone. Toll Free: (800) 377-3106 Unsubscribe anytime. A great keeper that is also fireblight resistant. Thank you! Parentage: Nova Easygro x (Red Spy x Golden Delicious) Harvest: Late Season . Though this tree would not live long enough to bear fruit, sprouts taken from the original tree and replanted by Roswell Humphrey would go on to produce the first Northern Spy apples. Phone: (717) 677-8105 The flesh is creamy yellow, fine textured and very firm and crisp. Nova Easygro is not a particularly vigorous tree but it is a reliable annual producer and gives solid yields. It is a juicy, firm-fleshed red apple. in multiple ... Northern Spy Apple Tree. The Northern Spy Apple is a large greenish-yellow apple with red striping but will become more red with more ripening. Large, juicy fruit that has all purpose uses. Rated by the 19th century pomologist Robert Hogg as "a valuable dessert apple". United States. The Northern Spy apple tree is a very popular apple variety in upstate New York. It was developed in Canada from a cross between Nova Easygro and NY-44411-1. the shipping timeframes outlined below. Sign up for Gurney's emails for tips on growing your best garden yet, and save hundreds of dollars with our email exclusive offers on vegetables, fruits, fertilizers and more. Zone: 3-6 Pollination Group: 2 Ripens: Middle of October Fertility: Needs a pollinator Skin Colour: Red blush, striped, on a greenish-yellow base Flesh: Creamy yellow Flavour: Moderately acidic with a hint of vanilla Many fruit tree varieties are not self-fertile. Fax: (717) 677-4124 Unusually cool, wet weather in the s ring of 1943 resulted in a severe epidemic of apple scab which defoliated all susceptible, unsprayed apple trees. Plants will be shipped at the proper planting time for your area of the Like the Northern Spy, it produces large, round, often flattened greenish yellow fruit with pinkish red stripes. Fruit has a sweet, pleasant flavor, making it very good for fresh eating. The NovaSpy Apple Tree is a more disease resistant variety of Northern Spy. NOVA SPY is from Nova Scotia, a disease-resistant version of Northern Spy, and has more complexity of flavor. Susceptible to codling moth, apple scab, powdery mildew, and gophers. Nova EasyGro Apple Tree. Apr 19, 2015 - Nova Spy Apple Tree is an improved version of the beloved Northern Spy. for signing up for special offers from Gurney's. The Northern Spy, also called 'Spy' and 'King', is a cultivar of domesticated apple that originated in East Bloomfield, New York in about 1800. Box 108 Nov Spy is a popular choice as a replacement for the old heritage Northern Spy Nova Spy are large-sized apples. Fruit Tree, Fruit, Apple, Standard Apple Tree, Prune in late winter/early spring, while trees are still dormant. Novaspy is a cross between NovaEasyGro x (Northern Spy x Golden Delicious) developed in Nova Scotia in 1986. Northern Spy Apple Tree Overview. Bears fruit in 3-5 years. It harvests in the same season as Northern Spy, but is more precocious than the original Spy. Tart, sweet, and a complex vanilla like flavor. to Post Office boxes. protection. Fruit Diseases Disease Susceptibility of Common Apple Cultivars BP-132-W Purdue extension 12/06 It is the policy of the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service, David C. Petritz, Director, that all persons shall have equal opportunity and access to the programs and Northern Spy is an older variety of apple, developed by a farmer in the early 1800s in Rochester, New York. $24.00. This variety has shown good resistance to apple scab. The smooth skin is greenish yellow with red blushes and a small bit of russeting. The fruit is medium size with some stripy, dark red blush. Fruit is large, bright red, and exceptionally juicy, with a crisp tender texture.

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