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There are a lot of authorize travel agents in the Central Florida area. They earn revenue via a commission from Disney. At Mouseketrips, we have very high standard for a future agent. When people hear what it is that I do for a living, most are stunned that there is enough business for me to feed my family. All agents start of slowly after that, it does take a while to work up to being full time. Annie – That depends. No matter what you choose to do, you will always be considered an independent contractor to an agency and not an employee. Booking is done online and in real time meaning, you find your room of ticket, book it and then send in your documentation to complete it. Is being a Disney Travel Agent something that I can do from my home, online? But Disney travel agents are different. That’s totally up to you! PO Box 10,000, Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830 I understand that I can withdraw my consent for marketing messages from Disney Destinations Travel Agency Sales at any time. Travel agents can often get better deals on group bookings since negotiating with the supplier is something agencies can do. Thank you. Curious on becoming a part of Mouseketrips. When a Disney travel agent books travel on behalf of his or her client, Disney pays a 10% commission to the host agency, and then the host agency forwards the agent’s share of the commission to him or her. With websites like Expedia, Priceline and Google, there’s almost no reason to even speak with a person in this way. This means offering some special discounts so agents can visit and familiarize themselves with resorts and cruises. The truth couldn’t be further from the assumption. Hello !!! We may get 100+ applications to become an agent each year, and we may have 5, but we would love to see your application. Look for an agent who has the Disney Specialist designation and who has attended the College of Disney Knowledge. And when this happens, the clients becomes one for life. Planning. Personally, I think it is a dumb rule, but it is what it is. This ID card is necessary to book any of the above perks. Now as an agent working or an agency, you are going to collect a bit less than this. I asked my agents what their “bad things” are, here are some responses (note: I edited out all the comments that mentioned me): In addition to what my agents noted, the job can be very stressful, especially if you are not organized. Then, if your cut of that was 60 percent, you'd receive a total of $240 for booking the trip. 3 years ago. Question about Disney travel agents and discounts. Travel agents can enjoy a 20% discount through their ASTA, IATA, or CLIA card. Most days at Mouseketrips are pretty normal. I was in Disneyland the day before its 50th anniversary, the only day the park was ever closed. Thanks! One of our promises at Mouseketrips is that we will rebook your trip if a discount is released to save you money. Travel agents selling Disney, rejoice! The majority of travel agents specializing in Disney started working in the industry because of their passion for Disney travel. Disney travel agents make their living from a small commission paid to them by Disney for booking your vacation. While the Enchanted Evening option can be added to any Walt Disney Travel Company/Walt Disney World Resort Hotel package, it is not available at the Swan and Dolphin Hotels, the Four Seasons Resort Orlando, Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels, Gateway Hotels or Good Neighbor Hotels. Fiance and I are getting ready to plan our disney honeymoon. Travel agents get some of the best travel discounts in the business. Disney travel agents are paid on a commission basis, and the percentage of commission you earn depends on the travel agency you register with. Memorizing cruise ship names and the names of restaurants they offer isn’t something to just glaze over. Just something to keep in mind as you move forward. Travel agents don't really get all that great discounts because if your company is small most places don't offer you much. Most decent Disney agencies will have it set up so you would qualify for one discounted trip each year, but again, it will depend on the agency. Tracy – Yes, I would say somewhere between $200 – $400 per year is pretty typical. They also offer deals on other Disney products like cruises and the Aulani resort in Hawaii. Training is done online and in most cases can be started right away. Your Disney World travel agent should NEVER charge you extra fees of any kind. Between changing reservations, talking to clients about changes, replying to new clients who just heard about the discount and getting all the blog posts and social media done for the discount just takes a ton of time. @Lindsey – That is discussed during our interview process and varies based on your sales level, time with Mouseketrips and other factors. It may take months of hard work when starting to see your first penny, you aren’t paid like a normal job. Travel agents can help you put your whole plan together. If the thought of trying to snag discounts as soon as they come out is overwhelming, you might want to consider using a travel agent. We require that you have been to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland at least 5 times recently, as well as on a Disney Cruise. You can pause, stop and continue any lesson later if needs be. Who walks into a travel agent shop and books their vacation when it can all be done online? Michelle – Yes, I would guess 95% or more agents work from home. The entire training process can be done in about 24 hrs though we highly recommend taking it slow to begin with. Travel Discounts. Disney World travel agents are typically highly trained and Disney-focused agents that can help you plan the entirety of your vacation. I personally recommend using a company with a good reputation for your theme park vacation planner. All of my clients are always really happy to deal with me, they get to go to Disney after all. They are really, really hard to book, but I will get there. You might as well assume your doctor or postman sits at home all day doing the same thing. Thank you. They would be surprised if they knew exactly how many people start a Disney vacation each day (it is in the tens of thousands), the number is staggering. Because most agencies take about half of your commission for themselves. However, booking your vacation with a Disney travel agent can at times save you money. Lately I've been reading a lot of awesome posts about the deals people have gotten through a travel agent. Disney often releases highly sought after travel discounts throughout the year. Disney Destinations Travel Agency Sales (Disney Travel News). Personally, I have an office for our agency, but I split my time between there and home. An agency like Park Savers actually starts you out at 70% and then lets you go up from there. Well, it is Disney after all. Don’t be fooled by classes or online schools that offer to teach you how to be a travel agent, those are a waste of your time and money. Will you be interested in having an agent in Mexico ? I make an attempt to stay in every new Disney Resort within a few weeks after it opens. Disney knows that technology has advanced past the need of in person meetings when it comes to travel. Discounts for Disneyland and the Disney Cruise do not effect us nearly as much as Walt Disney World discounts. Planning. Good Disney travel agents are always on top of the latest discounts and will work to secure you the best deal for your money.

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