how many dogs can you own in ontario

Hi: The Ontario Residential Tenancies Act makes absolutely no provision for the landlord being able to demand "vet papers" from tenants. Do I have any rights here or am I at the condo boards mercy? In Toronto, it is one for every 50. Your reaction, your assumptions, and how you dealt with what was there is not unreasonable. There can be some issues in condominium units if pets are prohibited in the condo declaration/rules/by-laws, but the general rule is that people are allowed to have pets. They are having some kind of problem with their landlord and... What can a landlord do to a tenant that is making too much noise and is disturbing other tenants? In my experience the thoroughness of the by-law is useful in that a problem tenant (i.e. You do not, generally, take action against your neighbour directly at the Landlord and Tenant Board.I hope that the foregoing is helpful to you. A landlord may refuse to rent to a person with pets but once a person becomes a tenant any "no pet clause" becomes unenforceable--up to a point. There is a process for this as well. Without seeing the cabinetry I can not really comment on whether replacing it or repairing it is more reasonable. The City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 349 (PDF file size 95KB) states that no person can keep more than six of any combination of dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits at … Requiring you to remain in the unit while the landlord solves the upstairs tenants dog issue is not, in my view, satisfactory when you specifically sought to avoid dog related problems before entering into the lease. For many, seeing a dog off leash is worrisome and affects their enjoyment of being outside as dogs are unpredictable---and yes, I've heard it many times where dog owners swear to the great behavior of their dogs--including the dogs that in a very out of character way bit someone. Is the tenant required by law, Ontario Landlord/Tenant Act, to carry liability such as renter's insurance with a dog bite clause? There is also a suggestion that a spayed cat is protected from various diseases including cancer. Due to the Ontario Pit Bull Ordinance in Ontario, Canada which went into effect on August 29, 2005, Recommends against travel into the Ontario province with your dog whether it is a Pit Bull, other breed or any mixed breed that could in any way be "confused" with a Pit Bull. What are the benefits of licensing my dog? Is this the landlord trying to find excuses to have me evicted? Today, I called the superintendent of the building. You are required to report maintenance problems and issues to your landlord. The same goes for walls if they're being sprayed you might have to remove the bottom half of the drywall to replace it. Favorite Answer. Either you harm your relationship with your landlord right from the start, or you go homeless. The TAS operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and reunites more than 2,200 lost pets with their owners annually. The Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board website also has some guidance on "pets".Michael K. E. Thiele, hi my question is my friend walks my dogs and the enforcement people told her we are only allowed three dogs in a apartment, first of all they are all rescues secondly I have never ever heard of such a rule so my question is is this legal he said I had to get rid of one!! All dogs aged six months and older in Oakville must be licensed and have their Oakville identification tag affixed at all times. That being said, please remember that the right to have a pet/animal is not absolute. If you are in a condominium check the rules with the management company.Good luckMichael K. E. Thiele, Hi,I live in a basement apartment of a house I would love to get a small dog and wanted to know if the law is different because I am in a house, Hi Jeff: If your living accommodation is subject to the Residential Tenancies Act then you have the same rights with respect to animals as everyone else regardless of the nature of their rental housing. costs of cleaning and costs of staying somewhere until the unit is habitable).Without any "no cat(s) clause" in the lease I presume that there is no reason why the tenant would have assumed that having a cat would cause any problem? Some cities in Ontario have no limit, and some do. Furthermore, the existence of the by-law makes it possible for landlords and neighbour tenants to file complaints with the City for investigation and prosecution. The act also prevents you from keeping your pet tied up to a tree or any other tether for extended periods of time. Your policy’s liability insurance is intended to protect you financially by covering medical expenses if someone is injured on your property. The landlord would have to prove use of candles and then, I think still need to demonstrate some kind of associated risk with how the candles were used.With respect to eviction I should say this. Hi: This is a new one for me and I thought I'd see it all! Her mom shouted so much and said we washed our dog and therefore we walked her in the hallway to be dry. In Ontario, you can legally own a tiger. rights reserved. You should make it very clear in your application for renting and further have a clause in the lease that clearly spells out that you are allergic to animals. Is it just me or is this not a huge coincidence? There is little dispute today that a landlord, in Ontario, may indeed choose not to rent to a person with pets. I think this falls into the category of "common sense" and common courtesy. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances. However, if there is a city/town/township by-law dealing with numbers of animals, treatment of animals, etc., those have to be obeyed as the landlord could argue that a breach of those rules constitutes an illegal act for which eviction may be sought (and yes, successfully).Michael K. E., Hi I'm interested in the ideas of a apartment building that has all the entrances covered in no pets signs yet we have seen three tenets with cats now and our thinking of adopting our own butter because we signed without one would they have plausible cause of eviction, Hi Brook: The Residential Tenancies Act, in section 14, makes no pet clauses in leases void. If the legal, written clause is void, then asking about it should violate the law as well. I moved in a month ago with my puppy (which he was aware of) and have no vets papers as of yet as the people we bought him from dud not provide them and we can not reach them. If not, and the situation is absurd then you may use the T2 to get the Board to weigh in on the landlord's demands etc.. Keeping a good evidentiary record is important. Can a landlord restrict your access to a front door if you have a dog? Being on city sewer leaves the rest of the yard wide open, for sports, gardens, hockey rink and the family dog! With respect to leashes I think the answer likely lies entirely with the city, town, township where you are located. A tenant is also required to maintain their pets in accordance with law. If you can, call by-law and report the noise and ask for an officer to attend and give the neighbours a warning/ticket. permissions/licensing, please go to: You're part of the problem with the system. No where in my lease is it specified to use the side door. This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. The scope of the by-law is quite broad and I think it clearly reflects and tries to deal with the problems and issues that commonly arise from pet ownership. In my view, when a landlord rents a property to a tenant they know that the law allows the tenant to have a pet. Our Service Dogs Canada team maintains a help desk 24/7 (647) 846-7781 for the benefit of our clients. If the landlord simply doesn't like dogs and offers no reason other than "dogs are prohibited from pooping in the yard", then I don't see any grounds for the landlord's objection. On the strength of that, and you proving the specific inquiry, I'd terminate your lease and indemnify you for moving expenses. I live in an apartment in a high rise. All dogs in this building have to be on leashes at all times. If you can prove that your landlord filed this false report then you might want to file an application to the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board in Form T2. I got a complaint on a Sunday night at 7pm.

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