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With an elevation of 750 meters, it’s appropriate and short enough for a moderate hiker to enjoy. Though the numbers make this trail seem big, the feeling of being on a true adventure makes the day go easily and quickly. We paid the subscription fee so that we could download all the data we need to our phones. I would recommend not hiking in the dark as it’s easy to get lost and it’s not fun in bear country. Mount Difficult, Walk & Hike Map, Grampians Victoria You will also come across a number of good multi-pitch trad lines at this venue. Abstract: A scenic hike up to the summit of Mt. before you go. With its emerald water and mountain backdrop, Bourgeau Lake is a perfect lunch/snack spot. You must Very nice photos and illustrations, Par. Mount Bourgeau is a great trail for hikers looking to have a full day out. After a gentle yet steady climb away from the river, the paved section ends and a moderately difficult trail loops through a water-filled canyon. Mount Bourgeau is not a hard hike. This is a classic for day hikers who don't mind a long day with excellent views all along the trail, and one that finishes with an easy summit scramble to the top of Mt. At the trailhead, there is a bathroom and a map. 3) Mount Batur Difficulty When it comes to volcano hikes, Mount Batur is on the easier end of the spectrum. Change ), "The Promised Land" (The Ptolemy Plateau). July 17, 2020. It’s an expansive view that never disappoints. We saw a male grizzly near the saddle of this hike. However, it’s 21.7 km round trip and has an elevation gain of 1,731 meters making it a very very long day. Are dogs and kids appropriate on this trail? Pit toilet facilities and a map kiosk are at the trailhead. Mount Bourgeau Route Map We started out from a mosquito-infested parking lot at around 07:30 under partly sunny skies. It is a moderately trafficked trail, but bear sightings have occurred. If you are thinking of getting a bit closer or want to summit Mount Bourgeau, opt for the hike that takes you to Harvey Pass which is listed a bit further down in the article. It’s a gradual incline pretty much the entire way, with nothing seriously steep. Of course, there are so many more hikes in Banff and tons of exploring. So if you keep going and push for the summit it’s unlikely you’ll find others around. The second crossing is at the foot of a cascade flowing from the outlet of Bourgeau Lake. Harvey Pass, Bourgeau Lake, Harvey Lakes. Alltrails is our favorite app to have on a hike. The 12 km moderate return hike to Eva Lake in Mount Revelstoke National Park is a winner - think wildflower-filled meadows and a turquoise-coloured lake. It’s here that you can see Sunshine Village. Our aim is to help you get the most out of your trip to Banff National Park and the surrounding areas. Should a storm roll in, hunker down and wait for park rangers to rescue you – don’t try to hike through it. This is a full day hike so come prepared. The initial forested portion of the trail does occasionally allow for some nice views, but it’s mostly just something to endure at the start and end of your day. Access is from Hwy 1, about 12km from the west end of Banff. Lastly, a GPS tracker could save your life – it’s one of those backpacking essentials I like to have on me just in case I need to hit SOS. Bourgeau, bringing the days stats to 24 km and 1500 m, we chose instead to lounge around the pass. It’s a great hike that we haven’t done in years, this is a great reminder. We passed many groups enjoying this hike, however most stopped at the lakes. Slideshow of Mount Bourgeau hike in Banff National Park - Alberta ilovetherockies Loading... Unsubscribe from ilovetherockies? Difficulty An easy scramble or a physically demanding hike. Anyone that has spent time in wilderness or mountains can speak to the fact your temperature can fluctuate a lot on a hike. Any time we set out for an objective I determine a time at which we need to turn around in order to arrive at the parking lot or campsite by dark. The lake is beautiful, but the approach is lack-lustre. Continue on the switchback trails up scree crossing avalanche paths. This makes it a great hike for those staying in Banff town as you can see the colossal mountain from the center of town and its a short drive. In 2018, we decided to settle down in one of the most beautiful places on earth, The Canadian Rockies. Mount Bourgeau is easily accessible from Banff and it makes it one of the busier hikes in Banff National Park. This makes it a great hike for those staying in Banff town. While we hoped to have the energy to continue to the top of Mt. Thanks. The lot only has room for around 20. Subsequently, we’ve received a lot of questions from other would-be hikers wanting to know about the Mount Batur sunrise hike difficulty, and what they need to bring to be prepared. Always practice wildlife awareness when you’re on a trail, and please give animals space. There’s a latched gate to pass through to get onto the trail – this is part of the wildlife barricade that stretches along the highway here. – Mount Batur sunrise trekking is so popular among tourists in Bali. Mount Bourgeau is not a hard hike. From here the trail heads up through the obvious gap to the west and passes another lake. It’s another 500m elevation gain, but the views just keep getting better – both nearby and distant. Thankfully he was fairly far away and we had a large group. That doesn’t mean this is necessarily an easy hike … The trail levels, and shortly thereafter reaches the lake itself. Before any hike or walk-in the Canadian Rockies, you need to have bear spray. Trail starts off easy with slight elevation mostly through dense forest with lose rock on well packed trail. On a clear day, Mount Assiniboine will be visible in the distance straight ahead. The good news is the limited parking lot does keep numbers down so if you get a parking spot you’ll still have an enjoyable time. It may be windy (as it was for us), and there is a Repeater Station on the summit to hide away by. There is a nice parking area for this trailhead on the south side of Trans Canada. Mount Bourgeau is high in elevation and will have snow on it in early June and October. They all a potential threat to humans and we should reduce our impact on their natural lives. There are signs marking the turn (if approaching from Banff, you turn onto a short road through the wide forested median, then drive across the eastbound lanes into the parking area). If you miss a turn on Trans Canada it may be a while until you have the option to turn around. Banff NP, Alberta, Canada. If you want to learn more about what to wear hiking we have a great post. This makes it a great hike in Banff for all skill levels as it can be adjusted. Bourgeau. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The trail is the Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass trail, which is just a short distance west of Banff. This trail starts with a 4.5 mile, 2460ft elevation through the forest to the beautiful Bourgeau Lake. Ethan's Hiking Channel 174 views 45:56 4K Walking Tour … There is a well-built bridge over Wolverine Creek while the most difficult crossing is pictured above. It’s mostly downhill and this is gonna test your knees. It is a popular hiking destination. Starting at Mount Norquay, the hike to Cascade Amphitheatre is of moderately difficulty. This glacial tarn signals the start of the alpine and a wonderful morning hike on it's own. The best time to hike Mount Bourgeau is between mid June and Mid September. Unless you’re trail-running don’t expect to complete it any sooner as the average time is around eight hours. Hey, we’re Cameron and Natasha and have been writing about travel for the last decade. If this is your first time hiking in the Rockies take a conservative approach. It’s also super important to know that there are limitations and to come prepared. Definitely one of the best hikes near Banff! With a few steep climbs and switchbacks, this small hike takes you to an epic view over the town of Banff while producing stunning views of Mount Bourgeau. The meadow and valley is prime grizzly habitat and the trail has been closed in the past due to bear activity. If you are one of them who want to experience how it feels to hike on Mount Batur, it is better for you to learn more about Mount Batur trekking difficulty before you go. We were able to complete the trip in around six hours with over a half-hour at the summit. Hike up this little peak that the First Nations call the "Sleeping Buffalo" to gain rewarding views of the Town of Banff, the winding Bow River below and the mountains to the West, such as Mount Bourgeau. You must have the endurance to complete this hike, but the good news is you can always turn around when you reach the lakes and still have an awesome day! Once you reach the summit enjoy 360-degree views over Banff. We rank our favorite hikes around the park and share all of the details in this guide to experience the best in the park. If you look to your left you’ll see Mt. There are 2 creek crossings, one with a bridge and the other without. If you’re on any hikes in the Canadian Rockies you should practice proper wildlife awareness. However, the hike is 21.7 km round trip and has an elevation gain of 1,731 meters making it a very very long day. The way to the summit is obvious from Harvey Pass. Both my parents and I made to the top. Even moving at a pretty brisk pace, it involves almost 2 hours hiking along a mostly wooded trail. You can easily start off cool at the base of the mountain and get hot as soon as you begin moving. On the way there you will encounter, loose rock, packed earth as well as light scree on the trail. While the terrain is not challenging the sheer length and elevation gain requires strong legs. Initially the trail is wide, hard-packed, and slippery, with a 700m ascension at a gentle to moderate grade. Here are the best hiking clothes for men and the best hiking clothes for women. It’s a gradual incline pretty much the entire way, with nothing seriously steep. It’s easily accessible from the town of Banff and Canmore as it’s only a 10-15 minute drive to the parking area. It’s easily accessible from the town of Banff and Canmore as it’s only a 10-15 minute drive to the parking area. We wear our bear sprays on our hip. via Patches Thru For over a century, Mount Washington has claimed the lives of more than 150 people. Bourgeau, via Bourgeau Lake and Harvey Pass. Whether if Bourgeau Lake is your destination or Mount Bourgeau is it’s a good place to stop and enjoy lunch. With over 1,600 kilometres (994 miles) of trails, Banff National Park offers adventurers some of the best hiking on the planet, whether it’s an easy hike to incredible vistas or a more strenuous trek deep in the backcountry. - Duration: 45:56. 16 Amazing Places to Go Ice Skating in Banff, 15 Best Restaurants in Banff That You’ll Love, Little & Big Beehive Hikes • Local’s Guide to this Epic Circuit, 12 Amazing Things to Do in Lake Louise in The Winter. Continue your climb until you reach Bourgeau Lake. The trail is the Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass trail, which is just a short distance west of Banff. Eventually the unusual sight of a large green propane tank comes into view (there’s some sort of weather station or something on the broad summit), welcoming you to the summit. Difficulty: Mountaineering experience required Notes: Always check the weather before you leave and bring a tracking device with you. You have 2.7 km and 400 meters to go. However, if it’s a nice sunny summer day in Banff it might be hard to find a parking spot. ( Log Out /  strongly encourage hikers to carry on to Harvey Pass – and I can confirm they’re giving good advice. This hike to Bourgeau Lake and Harvey Pass is a sure-fire way to induce happiness. ( Log Out /  The route goes past small cascades draining from a collection of tarns in the upper valley. Mount Difficult boasts very high and overhanging cliffs; therefore rock climbing on this mountain is very challenging for all skill levels. This makes it a great hike for those staying in Banff town. Taking Hwy 1 West of Banff for approximately 8 miles you'll come to the Bourgeau Lake Trailhead. It’s a gradual incline pretty much the entire way, with nothing seriously steep. In the region, there are frequent sightings of black bears, grizzly bears, moose, coyotes, and cougars. The boot-beaten trail isn’t official, but enough people use it that it’s very well defined. The likeliness of seeing wildlife on this trail is high. This trail goes by Massive Range and Bourgeau Lake. I didn’t visit on a clear day, so I didn’t realize this amazing natural framing until I looked over my should on the way back down. Mt. This section took us roughly an hour, and since it was already a long day we were definitely feeling it, but pushed on. On that note, always carry bear spray if you plan to hike in the park. You’ll find on these hikes in Banff high alpine passes lined with wildflowers, jagged peaks topped by glaciers, and a healthy dose of turquoise blue lakes. The most challenging part is right at the beginning of the walk, in the first 6km of the trail, with a couple of steep Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. If you’ve done Mount Allan in Kananaskis it’s similar to that in difficulty. You have a few options for the hike as you can choose to hike to Bourgeau Lake or Harvey Pass each cutting a large chunk of the hike out. That being said it’s one of the easiest peaks in the Rockies as it requires no scrambling or climbing. After hanging out at … Physical Difficulty. Difficulty Rating: See Photos Get PDF Get GPS User Ratings: 0 10 9.4 34 Overall Rating Technical Difficulty Physical Difficulty The best hikes in Banff must include the hike up to Healy Pass. If you are traveling from Banff there is a cross over the lane, just make sure to keep your eyes out for it. A bit of steep hiking beyond this crossing brings the trail to Bourgeau Lake’s hanging valley. Now we live in Canmore and spend as much time as possible exploring the mountains that surround us. Difficulty: Moderate Trailhead: Located on St. Julien Road near The Banff Centre . Bourgeau was named after a botanist who was on an expedition of the area in 1860 in which he amassed a collection of 819 species of flowers and plants. Spray River East and West It might look tough, but there is no scrambling involved and instead of loose scree you’ll find a lot of beautiful wildflowers. At a good pace, 2 hours of hiking will take you the 7.5km to Bourgeau Lake. Mount Bourgeau Trail is a 15.8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Mount Bourgeau is not a hard hike. The trail offers a number of activity options. You can see Sunshine Village from here. You’ll have to pass a few creeks along the way so pay attention not to slip and get your foot wet. Mount Bourgeau Banff National Park, Alberta June 28, 2003 Mount Bourgeau is a long but popular hike. This is a moderate out and back trail to Mount Bourgeau in Banff National Park. Ask Google Maps to drop a pin here: 51.168484, -115.730555. It shows the correct trail way, elevation, and other hiker reviews. The trail carries on around the north side of the lake, then begins a climb west to yet another hanging valley. To reach the peak you climb over 1,700 meters or 5,600 feet and nearly 22km in a day. Best $2.50 (per month) ever spent! The lake is approximately 4.6 miles and 2375 ft of elevation gain from the trailhead. Mount Bourgeau is apparently one of the most popular peaks in the Banff area – a 2906 meter summit accessible from a well-marked trail and requiring no scrambling, just legs that can handle the vertical. The goal of hiking clothing is to help regulate your body temperature, element protection, and moisture management. Samaria Gorge hike difficulty: It is a medium-difficult hike. After 2 hours scenery opens up with waterfall, followed by 3 lakes until foot of Mt Bourgeau is reached. The trailhead is located at the Bourgeau Lake parking lot on the southwest side of the Trans-Canada Highway, 2.9 km (1.8 mi) from the turnoff for the Banff Sunshine ski resort. Of all the lakes along the Bow Valley, Bourgeau Lake is closest to the town of Banff. How Long Does Take To Hike to Mount Bourgeau? The first section is very easy to follow the well-maintained trail that is 7.4 km to Bourgeau Lake. The first 6 km is spent in trees as you hike to Bourgeau Lake. Length 15.8 mi … The most basic principle of what to wear hiking is layering. However, on the way to the peak you cross the lovely Bourgeau Lake, witness stunning views from Harvey Pass, and then the whole park opens up from the summit. Bal. Located between the highest and most spectacular mountains in the region and surrounded by lush, high alpine meadows, for decades it is thus one of the most popular hiking destinations for tourists in the regio, This 7 km hiking trail takes us up the slopes of Mount Bourgeau up to the mountain above Bow Valley. Looking for the best Banff hikes? Bourgeau was first ascended by … On that basis, the Copelands in Don’t Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies 5th ed. ( Log Out /  There is no scrambling or anything technical involved to summit Bourgeau, but it is a very long hike and day so if you bring the kids and pets make sure they are cared for. On a clear day you can easily see Mt. Pick an adequate hike for your fitness, plan for plenty of time, pack water and food, and don’t be afraid to turn around. The clouds had moved during my descent and unveiled the “Canadian Matterhorn”. Most hikers should plan for a middle of the road time with the estimated duration. Mt. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Mount Bourgeau is a 2,931-metre (9,616 ft) tall mountain in the heart of Banff National Park promises some extraordinary views. Temperature management is best done through a layering system if you want to learn more about what to pack for a day hike or what to wear on a hike, you can see our full post! Bourgeau Lake is a rock-rimmed alpine lake at the foot of Mount Bourgeau near Banff, in Banff National Park, Alberta. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. There’s only so much hyperbole I can wedge into this post, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Remember that the bear spray is worthless if it’s in your pack, you’ll need to be able to grab this in two seconds or less in an emergency. These are very serious mountains and it easy to get in well over your head with life-threatening consequences. We carry ours in the neighborhood and bears have been known to stroll through town and busy parking lots. In regards to times keep in mind your mountain fitness — different than the gym. The low end of the times in this post is a constant fast pace uphill with little to no breaks and a brisk pace downhill. Finally, the trail swings southeast and climbs steeply again to Harvey Lake, and Harvey Pass beyond. There is nothing abundantly difficult about this section and it’s all a gradual uphill climb to Bourgeau Lake. I’m not familiar enough with the region to point out the names of all the peaks. It’s a long one so check the weather before heading out. It was cloudy and unsettled on the day of my climb. However, the hike is 21.7 km round trip and has an elevation gain of 1,731 meters making it a very very long day. For long hikes, set a turn around time at the departure. We think this is one of the most spectacular areas and the perfect place for an outdoor vacation. It’s easily accessible from the town of Banff and Canmore as it’s only a 10-15 minute drive to the parking area. The first glimpses of the views beyond the pass will hopefully make it clear that the trip is worth the effort. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Mount Bourgeau is a 2,931-metre (9,616 ft) tall mountain in the heart of Banff National Park promises some extraordinary views. A full-day hike in Banff to the summit of the most accessible Canadian Rockies peak above 2900 m. Mount Bourgeau is apparently one of the most popular peaks in the Banff area – a 2906 meter summit accessible from a well-marked trail and requiring no scrambling, just legs that can handle the vertical. Distance: 20 km Elevation gain: 1050 m View map Download GPS track After a snowed-out attempt one September several years ago, we finally found the time to attempt Harvey Pass again. Only one other pair summited Mount Bourgeau with us. I can only imagine how great the views would be without cloud cover. Beyond the lake, things get steeper, but far more scenic. We hiked Mount Batur, Bali, when we were staying in Ubud – and we loved every moment. ( Log Out /  You’ll pass two unnamed ponds, stop and admire them and keep going around the pond until you reach Harvey Pass which is another 2.3 km further. Mount Bourgeau is a 2,931-metre (9,616 ft) tall mountain in the heart of Banff National Park promises some extraordinary views. When Can You Hike Bourgeau Lake and Mount Bourgeau? Assiniboine on the horizon, looks like the Matterhorn. Click on the pictures in the gallery below to access full-sized images. The trail is obviously very well traveled and we made quick time till coming to a raging Wolverine creek with no obvious crossing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. While the hike is just over eight miles round-trip (depending on which route a hiker chooses), it doesn't come without its challenges, many of which have claimed lives.

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