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With over 15,000,000 books sold, clients such as Starbucks, Nike, GE, The Coca-Cola Company, NASA and Microsoft are using his leadership methods to drive real growth + top performance. 🙂 © The Titan Academy Global AG. Are us night owls always going to be told to go against our natural productive flow and force ourselves to wake up early just because society dictates it to be so? If you’ve spent any time around these parts, then you know I take a strong stand for kindness. This may not be the right place or time for this comment and, feeling uncertain, I was about to delete it all…but just writing it has helped, so thank you very much 🙂. I’m curious what others think about that. I used to be a night owl, but changing my day to follow the sun has literally changed my life. His work is embraced by rock stars, royalty, billionaires and many celebrity CEOs. As a presenter, Sharma has the rare ability to electrify an audience yet deliver uncommonly original and useful insights that lead to individuals doing their best work, teams providing superb results and organizations becoming unbeatable. Thank you to both of you. I’ve recently started to implement the miracle morning routine, and I’ve found writing in the morning particularly useful – it really helps gather my thoughts and keep life on track! In twenty minutes you’ll feel better and your brain will be primed for intense focus. ? We have a daughter; 6 years old. I get to know myself more on a much more deeper level and that helps with how you perform at work and manage your relationships as well. Thank you so much for this one, Marie and Robin! Thanks, Helen Marie! My biggest take away was that last piece of advice. With over 15,000,000 books sold, clients such as Starbucks, Nike, GE, The Coca-Cola Company, NASA and Microsoft are using his leadership methods to drive real growth + top performance. Oh I can’t wait to watch this episode! How many did I serve? Thank you for saying we can adjust it to a time that works for us! Thank YOU! I already do get up early to enjoy the alone time of easing into the day. Such valuable info shared. As with many of your interviews, Marie, I found this so inspiring and really appreciated so much of what Robin had to offer. Think about that kind of mindset…. “Desire” gets the job done, whereas “need” suffers in lack of accomplishments. I enjoyed this interview! So beautiful! This episode gave me so many light bulb moments, my pen was flying the entire time trying to get it all down. I am turning 50 in a few days and I want to make the best of the next 50, or however long I have. This episode was so necessary for where we are collectively! I’m sending you good vibes and wishes that your creative juju flourishes too! ( Being a dancer as well Marie – I’m the same way! I think thinking about it in this way will make that much easier to follow and to implement going forward! So inspiring … It’s like you can feel what he’s saying. I love working with sunset and connect with that energy much more. I know waking up early has massive advantages . Whether you like it or not, you’re doing the right thing and performing your civic duty by isolating yourself in your house. XO, Thank you for this wonderful interview Marie and Robin. But actually the most ‘expensive ‘ and valuable time in my day is the afternoon. I don’t know how long that will last but I’m so grateful to be in this new emotional territory. With over 15,000,000 books sold, clients such as Starbucks, Nike, GE, The Coca-Cola Company, NASA and Microsoft are using his leadership methods to drive real growth + top performance. We’re sorry to hear about the impact that the global pandemic has had on your business — we admire your concern for your customer’s safety, and we do love to hear that you’re pursuing other passions like photographer while you have this time. 2. The 5am Club by Robin Sharma It may not seem like it, but now is a perfect time to work on self-discipline, break bad habits, and develop good, new ones. I am RE-commuting to it and will work to do it for 66 days. Become the architect of your future.' I’ve read many of Sharma’s book and he has had a profound impact in my life. Brilliant and I’m going to implement it tmo!! So true and absolutely wonderfull every single word of Robin, can’t wait to get the book and starting ASAP to join the 5 a.m. club. 5am synchronicities started showing up for me before I even watch this episode!!! YES to retrieving our focus and creativity back from our phones. I’ve heard a lot about the 5 am club lately, as well as hearing Robin’s name being brought up in different conversations so knew this was one I needed to give my time and focus to. Thank you Robin for this wonderful wisdom and insight, and Marie for being that beautiful and grounded conduit to have it reach me. This was amazing and so resonates..I have always wondered why when I am suffering from Europe jet lag, waking up at 3/4/5 am why I am getting so much shit done and how I can possibly feel so great 😉 I am a creative/entrepreneur so focusing on the time of greatest creativity is a must in my life. Julia, reminded of how magical that predawn time is……..feel inspired to cultivate more of a connection with myself, my body and my deep wise self during this potent time. I adjust my rise time to be about 30 min. I am assure these makes me feel happy and confidence to run the journy towards my goal .Thank you so much Marie’s TV with Robin interview. My 5 AM experience was a lot darker. Sorry for responding like such a weirdo. I’m laughing watching the part about being distracted on your phone and I keep seeing notifications coming through and I’ve already looked over like 10x! So, I think I’m going to be buying this book and giving my life another shot. Being in quarantine is a completely different world,” she explains. Hi Stephanie, This was not only an inspiring interview but a real motivator. Seriously, what are they doing for our global society right now? In fact, it is happening at the same time. The idealogy that we are made up of not just mindset but also heartset, healthset and soulset also stood out to me. Within the course of the day, I also take many breaks, much of which are mini breaks. Thanks also for the 20/20/20 which l have devotional time will add you movement and read Marie or Tv Marie. A suggestion for him as he works with the billionaires and those who run large businesses and corporations…teach this to your employees…the mind work, the heart work…the soul work, and give them the support so that they too can learn to live this way. GO Lisa! Than you so much. This was super inspiring. As a Neuroscience postgraduate, I love the messages being passed to everyone about timings of brain actions, and how our stories and excuses have a biological impact. 3 sentences. His work is embraced by rock stars, royalty, billionaires and many celebrity CEOs. I’m excited and inspired to give it a go. This interview was a great ‘reboot’ and source of inspiration to me to re-commit to an earlier rising time and a morning practice before my family wakes. I know when I miss it I feel really rattled during the day. Great interview Marie and thank you! I have been following the 5 am club and also using his mediations, love them but they don’t seem to be available as I got them from his 5am club but I see I couldn’t locate it lately to send the info to more people. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! You’ve inspired me to try the 5am get up for 66 days, starting tomorrow. Taylor. Looking forward to being on the other side of all this fear, without my cell phone in hand. Wonderful, Barbara. I try to wake up early but haven’t prioritized it as a consistent practice. Waking up early has done wonders for my productivity and my inner peace. I can’t wait to read the rest of the book and see how I can take this further and into my business xx. i admire Robin Sharma so very much, and years ago I read his book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. Kind regards I love the focus on being a servant leader, which is needed more than ever now. It’s not like I hate sleeping, but it just gets in the way of doing things. .. but I ma not an early riser…gosh needs to be changed…but being self employed, you just cant leave a project in the middle…You know the feeling…You kind of feel better going to be when more is done. 20 20 20 🙂, A couple of questions for anyone doing this: I believe making these practices and principles personal is going to transform my life. Disclaimer: I have always considered myself a night owl. How timely and almost eerie this is. Thank you also for the discussion on relevance at all ages, and owning your own masterpiece regardless of what the world thinks. You can also put your phone on DND for 1 hour at a time, and check for 5 minutes, and put it back on DND. I just cried when hearing Robin talk about a toxic Heart Set being in the way of the traction around your ambitions! For the first time this whole time of isolation, I don’t feel lonely or deprived. Robin Sharma is one of the top leadership experts in the world. Robin thank you for sharing so much wonderful information. My normal positive attitude is kinda hijacked. I just saw it one day, and was so blown away. One question if I may is what time should you be going to bed if getting up at 5am? This is what I needed to hear. It’s so not emphasized these days. I look forward to buying the book and reading more. Tremendous thought provoking nuggets. I have also read research that indicates that differences in people’s productive hours are, indeed, related to DNA and not a matter of mastering better habits/work ethics. To, somehow, do our utmost for the job security of our team. That saved my life. As one can assume this means you have to go to bed earlier, but what happens when you want to go out one night to celebrate something (or you do an entire weekend in Vegas)? It might sound really small and not that impressive, but having that sense of self-control has really shifted and improved my mood in what feels like an incredible shift within. So glad this episode resonated deeply with you, Randee! Extraordinary , Thanks for helping us undesrtand that we have been created for much more, we only have to put the effort of finding out what. It was amazing! , work hard when I’m working. I am writing my first book, and I now will look at those breaks not as procrastination but rather as fuel to create a better book. I am also curious about the “evening routine” and bed times as well!! I’m sure my sleep shame is showing… I usually go to sleep at 5am. THANK YOU also SO MUCH for discussing phones.!!! This was it! Robin and Marie! This could not have come at a more perfect time. How do you want to serve/lead? His work is embraced by rock stars, royalty, billionaires and many celebrity CEOs. I resonated with Robin’s messages so much that I’ve watched the episode three times today! I just completed B School and I am thinking deeply about who I want to serve, how and why. You’ve got this! As I am also a preacher of proper rest. This episode was tailor made for me! I woke up at 5 am today because just the few minutes I watched of the preview sounded good. Looks like my new 5am routine starts tomorrow! What struck me is the 60 minutes then break and 5 hours of great work a day. Too many of our corporate leaders require their workers to put in 10 – 12 hours days (and more) in service to the company…the industrial model for sure. I’m always checking it, responding immediately to texts. So needed during these unprecedented times, very inspiring. Thank you for being here and chiming in! Most of us need 8 hours, and I surely do! I used to have to get up at 5 (or earlier) for work and it was definitely the best! We’re really glad this was inspiring and motivating for you! Also, 90% of my bffs, colleagues, etc are in my industry so when I’ve had survival jobs that required me getting to bed early to wake up for work, it was the most isolated I’d ever felt (uh til now … coronavirus thing). When I saw the time on the non-digital clock on my dresser, I heard, “Watch that episode now.“. But even at this higher place of awareness, I’ve known there is still more I can and need to learn and, as I begin to cry just now, I feel I have been in a holding pattern waiting for the next catalyst to open me up further and connect me with my truer self and those I am meant to serve. And ready to rock. In Covid company : Quandary of quarantine. Great! Robin S. Sharma. ... one of the books that have spoken to me is 'Own Your Morning' by Robin Sharma. Heleen, keep listening to that calling inside of you – it’s so wise and knows what you need! Those numbers are arbitrary and created by humans. More joyous living, getting up earlier (I’m going to try the 66 day!) I got so much out of it. Thank you for inspiring interview. What an episode! My one tip is to get yourself up out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off otherwise you may change your mind! I took Robin Sharma’s quest on Mindvalley called Hero, Genius, Legend, and he talks about this routine in it. I am not a morning person but I am willing to commit to 66 days of it and see the changes I will experience! Wonderful, Angela! I am intrigued enough to read the 5 am club:). Robin, thank you so very much. You’re so right. Much more peaceful and productive! On the heels of just finishing B school! My biggest question is what time to people go to sleep that do this? *We use the latest web technologies on our site – please update your browser, or download, The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Between November 19th and the 25th, 110,620 people tested positive for … ” Something useful for me to remember! This guy is a masterclass in white male arrogance. Working 5 hours with 10 minutes breaks after every hour resonated with me after I got to bed late yesterday, woke up late today – and that on a Friday. Wow, this was absolutely inspiring to listened to this interview. We hope you love the book and feel inspired to keep going! Thank you for this interview. You’ve got this! But there is one practical question that i have and i look for advice: What do I do when I just cannot go to bed before 9pm, because of family stuff or especially in summer, where its bright till midnight and the sun rises around 4am! I have also heard about the ‘5 am Club’ however never to it drawn enough to actually try it. Love this episode thank you. Wow. That is a lot! Who did I become? This is the most balanced and amazing self improvement advice and book ever! I loved how this provided some structure with what to do when waking up at 5am. Now I am married, work full time, have three kids 6 and under, without at-home help. Hi Marie, Robin and the MF Team, Take special care of yourself this week. I’ve had a lot of misdirection career-wise and I’m starting to understand why. You’re already on the right path by tuning into what works for *you*! Right now??? We are all both masculine and feminine, however our society is hypermasculine and we are ALL suffering because of it. Thank you both! Fortunately, the two–mental/physical/emotional health and productivity–are not mutually exclusive! So apparently if you have entertainment job hours you’re screwed? Again, thanks for such a wonderful program and I love how you and Robin think alike. It was HARD. Thank you! Awesome, Mara. Marie, your conversation with Robin showed up at just the right time for me! There are so many good quotes from the interview and the most inspired one I love is “How do you master the world by first honoring and building intimacy with your primal hero”. Brilliant interview, so much that makes sense and I ll be looking his book up! THEN… THEN… THEN!! love you guys – keep up the great work! Marie do you have any online dance workouts I can use for my mornings? Keep finding those blessings and opportunities in this moment! Get away from thinking about the numbers on the clock face. Tired of getting sucked into distraction after distraction? The kindest thing we can do is respect our bodies and their natural cycles. 1816 quotes from Robin S. Sharma: 'Give out what you most want to come back. Hard to say, as I tired miracle morning before and it really didn’t work for me, I just skipped the getting up earlier and did the routines anyways when naturally awake. and help businesses to fast-track online biz success. ? But taking the challenge as doing something hard that benefits me, my focus and my work ethic is what I want to do. I am more motivated to tackle my tasks for the day, and I find that I even have more willpower to see each task through to the end! Thanks for this beautiful reminder and episode. Jaswant Kaur 07 Dec 2020 It should not have happened. I have so many goals but can’t seem to find or make the time like B-school! Not having constant notifications sounds delightful! I picked up a few good quotes from Robin, my favorite of which is: “A bad day for your ego is a good day for your soul. ? If any of you guys reading have anaemia too and have tried this please let me know what helped you wake up! You probably won’t allow this to get posted. So inspiring! Thank you so much for watching. I know it’s tough but self-quarantine is the best and most effective strategy to stave off this COVID-19 pandemic and “flatten the curve.” This global health crisis is serious and we all must … Continue reading "books to read in self-quarantine" How timely! I tossed and turned all night considering it, and with one quote form Robin it became clear.

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