seymour duncan distortion vs jb

I like both of them (child of the 80's), think the JB has a. Report. I play dirty and roll back volume for cleans and it cleans up real nice. The JB does exactly what I want it to and it reflects attitude better. true, this gax 70 is an awesome guitar for the price, i've tried many expensive guitars and this one really impressed me. The JB has more "bite" and the SD has more "umph". Gauge of string will also make a difference. The super distortion is my favorite of the two, but I'm clearly in the classic rock camp and only do the 80s stuff if the set calls for it. Another thing is how your tonewood is going to react to the pickups.. Upload or insert images from URL. The Distortion is one of the tighter pickups that Seymour Duncan … According to Dave, that JB had a tone that was different from an ‘off-the-shelf’ JB … Re: Duncan Distortion vs Duncan JB Jb … Anyways at this point I think any pickup would sound better than the stock pickups I have on the ibanez! I guess if you are using it for tighter rhythm playing, then the DD might be more to your liking. But now I like it alot...I can make my guitar TALK if that makes any sense. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Good luck though. I'd like to get some feedback on this! I love the JB in anything that I've put it in.   Your previous content has been restored. I played it into a AVT50 (just recently sold it) and it was plenty heavy. I now use mainly a Custom Custom or C5. as mahogany, and has a strange color, also. I was leaning toward the jb … I've got a JB in my Brian Moore, and I had one in my first guitar too (cheap Epi). After 15 years I switched to a JB. By the description given on the seymore duncan site , I have a feeling that the SH-6 is more suited for nu-metal? Played a few other guitars with JB's and they all seemed bright, thumpy, hot, sensitive to harmonics, and highlighted the guitars' particular character. I have a set of DiMarzios in an Ash Tele 2HB. Clear editor. The JB … I just DON'T want a NU Metal sound, i'm mostly looking for an 80's metal sound. ... Seymour Duncan JB Model vs 35th Anniversary JB vs Antiquity JB … SD Duncan Distortion SH6 in the Bridge and Sh1 '59 in the neck. The JB … I think Seymour's … But the JB is probably my favorite. ... but they do handle distortion well. If anything this pickup does thrash better than any of that nu metal. either the custom, custom custom or the custom 5 are what i like. I still have 2 guitars with the JB and still … thanks for the feedback!, anyone can suggest a bluesy pickup from duncan for the neck that would go well with the jb? JavaScript is disabled. What I do have noticed is with Seymour Duncans JB Trembucker, the TB-4, which is also physically broader, the low end seems to suffer even more compared to the regular SH-4. It can get a bit bright if you're using it in standard tuning, or in say an alder guitar. I think it'd suit thrash metal just fine. The JB is the perfect pickup for all mahogany guitars that are tuned down IMO. The JB is a bit more open on the top. Had the JB in a Charvel Model 3 for about 25 years, and it really accentuated the snarly 80's metal sound of the Charvel. I have both. For example through a wah wah. Hand built in our Santa Barbara, CA, factory, the Distortion uses a large … The JB does a better 80s rock and sounds great into a high gain amp. I know the Fernandes Ravelle comes loaded stock with a SD Jazz/JB combo. Display as a link instead, × The JB is in my Fenandez and the super distortion is in my Carvin HSS strat. Hmm , I couldn't find any guitars that I could compare side to side that had these pickups. Hi there, I am currently looking into 2 Charvels with the same specs excepts the pickups. I'm wanting to get a set of pickups that will give me an 80s hair metal/80s hard rock sound similar to ratt, skid row, warrant, motley crue, etc. Plus they would sound great with the Mesa you might be getting in the future. The bass sounds very tight with my elite lp, no mud. I would go with EMG 85s. Browse more videos. For almost every kind of pickup, Seymour Duncan … Yes, the 59 sounds awesome with a distortion... sounds great when your roll down the volume knob on your guitar plugged into the dirty channel... gives a great dirty clean BLUES sound... cleans up really well with a volume knob and a tube amp, If you want a more pristine clean with less dirt.. go with the jazz, All my experience with duncans is on mahogany guitars with maple tops... you might want to find somebody who has actually installed duncans into an agathis guitar before deciding.. It also sounds great tapped! Both great pickups to push the front end of an amp. Are there actually major differences between the custom, custom custom and the ones I mentioned?   Your link has been automatically embedded. I play straight through a Marshal JCM 2000 TSL100 (no effects or EQ's for Distortion… I'd go with the JB, personally. the custom series are mighty good though, id recommend the custom custom for your situation. The SH-6 is a very high gain humbucker. Other pickups I've had (not alot) were too even tempered for me. Also , I got it as a present so I don't mind spending money on two pickups until I get a new guitar! It has a rosewood fingerboard, algathis body (lower grade mohagony i think) My amp is a marshall avt50 half stack but i'll probably be being a mesa boogie rectoverb in the naer future. It features slugs on one coil, adjustable screw heads on another, four conductor wiring and an Alnico 5 magnet. I love both as well as the Duncan Distortion… I've narrowed it down to the Seymour Duncan jb or the dimarzio super distortion. I asked Tim about the neck and suggested the Riff raff, so if I love the Aftermath, I'll order it too. It's a strange-looking tree found most often in Australia, and is in the same family of trees which contains Mahogany. The JB has more low end and is warmer. Hy guys, what will be the basic difference between the two in the bridge position. Never tried the Distortion. I love duncans and use JB's and customs in all of my guitars. Powered by Invision Community. I know the seymour duncan JB gets a lot of praise, but I don't hear a lot about the 59. I like both pickups. I thought it was too spiky. Re: EMG 81 vs. Seymour Duncan JB I used an EMG81 in my main guitar for over 15 years. Well, I have a Kramer Baretta with the JB. I just put a JB/59 set in my other Les Paul and it might be my favorite set. Try a dimarzio super distortion, I like them better than the Seymour Duncans. Since experimenting, I've moved onto hot PAFs since these distortion pickups aren't very good for players who play multiple notes during leads IMHO ... the phatness kind of gets in the way.

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