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The most popular are varieties with long stems ending in panicles of flowers that are ambrosia to butterflies. Provides continuous summer color well into fall. Sku #42423. Known as the butterfly bush, the fragrant flowers of buddleja are a favourite nectar source for butterflies. This shrub is sometimes referred to as summer lilac. The Butterfly Bush is an open, multi-stemmed shrub growing from three to ten feet tall depending on the variety. These undemanding, mainly deciduous shrubs, deserve a place in every garden with their spectacular displays of blooms and honey scent. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. This butterfly bush just wants to bloom! By fall, they were large enough to be moved to this area. Although butterfly bush is attractive to adult butterflies, it has no food value for native caterpillars so be sure to include other species to support them. It is a wonderful compact variety that mixes well with other varieties. Butterfly Bush Seeds (Buddleia davidii) Black Knight + 1 Free Plant Marker (100) 2.3 out of 5 stars 9. White Butterfly Bush . Thick, sturdy stems ensure better winter survival than other dwarf varieties. Swipe to View More . I’m LeAura Alderson, entrepreneur, ideator, media publisher, writer and editor of GardensAll.com. 12ftH x 4ftW – yellow 6ftH x 4ftW whereas the winter flowering one will reach approx. 45. This is about four plants that we took from three inch pots and transplanted into gallons in early spring. Butterfly Bush is a bushy, hardy perennial shrub with long gracefull stems that bloom with pink and white flowers in spring-summer. These stems grow up to 1m long, but can be clipped back shorter, and sway gracefully in the breeze. Many new varieties also grow only 3 to 4 feet tall and come in bluish-purple, lavender, pink and white in addition to purple. Butterfly bushes grow best in full sun and well drained soil. The butterfly bush plants offered are of the Genus Buddleia davidii. Butterflies and hummingbirds love it! InSpired White from Proven Winners has flowers that are purer than pure white. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. $7.29 $ 7. Learn how to plant, care for and prune butterfly bush in your garden. Seems you can have your butterfly bush and plant it, too. If you want to keep butterfly bush varieties in your garden, you will need to deadhead blooms regularly to avoid self-seeding. The fragrant, arching clusters of Butterfly Bush are irresistible to hummingbirds and butterflies. See more ideas about butterfly bush, plants, bush. This variety was bred by Dr. Dennis Werner at North Carolina State University. When planting in proximity for edging purposes, mass planting, or ground cover, spacing for the Pugster White Butterfly Bush should be 24-36 inches, center on center. We prune back to live wood in spring and always have a spectacular show by midsummer. There are some 70 species of shrubs and small trees in this genus. Proper spacing is essential to ensure the health and longevity of the plant. Get it as soon as Thu, Nov 12. The white flower clusters really shine with the backdrop of the silvery green blue foliage. Pure white flowers make the White Butterfly Bush a favorite. Birds and insects come in search of the sweet nectar, and we humans are attracted to the bright blues, reds, purples of the flowers. Varieties of Butterfly Bush. At times, these leaves themselves are attractive with a few varieties having two-toned variegated foliage. Butterfly Bush. Discover why Buddleia is irresistible to pollinators and how to keep them blooming longer. Buddleias emit a fragrance that attracts butterflies like moths to a flame. Unlike older varieties of butterfly bush, 'Miss Molly' reaches jut 4-5'/1.2-1.5m tall, so it's easy to work into any sunny landscape. See more ideas about planting flowers, plants, garden shrubs. Drought and deer resistant. Hmmm. Dwarf habit; Very large flowers; Fragrant; Description. Butterfly bushes grow well in shrub or perennial borders, and the fragrant flowers can be used for cutting. Stock photography of butterfly bush Buddleia davidii, crispa, fallowiana, showing flowers in blue, pink, white, lavender, purple, shrub plant habit, closeups, varieties, combinations, variegated foliage, a plant that attracts wildlife and butterflies in the summer garden. One of the top pollinator attractants for Northeast Ohio gardens and exhibits excellent deer resistance too! They are grey-green in color. Butterfly bushes tend to gather the interest of humans, butterflies, and hummingbirds. The State of Oregon, which has a rigorous ban on Buddleia in place, has recently amended their ban to allow these non-invasive cultivars. The Petite Snow™ Butterfly Bush is an easy-to-grow small shrub with large, pure-white flower spikes that are produced continuously from early summer to the first frost. In cold-winter climates plants are often killed almost to the ground. The petite Butterfly Bush varieties come in 4 different colors: white, blue, lilac, and purple. Butterflies and hummingbirds will find it… Butterfly Bush Care Butterfly Tree Butterfly Plants Growing Flowers Growing Plants Planting Flowers Flower Gardening Gardening Tips Greenhouse Gardening. White, Purple, Raspberry Pink and a Velvet red flowering varieties are all available in this compact growing series. 4.3 out of 5 stars 7. In addition, most butterfly bushes have weak wood and deciduous leaves. In fact, they grow so well and spread so easily that, in some locations, they are considered invasive. The more standard varieties include deep blue/purple "Black Night" and "Pink Delight" shown above. Natural growth habit is fairly upright and it will reach around 1.5m in width. See pictures of the best non-invasive butterfly bushes including ‘Miss Molly’ and the Lo and Behold … Great cut flower. Butterfly Bushes Favorite Butterfly Nectar Flower. ‘Ice Chip’ is a dwarf variety of Buddleia that has delicate, white flowers that bloom all summer long. However, I’ve always kept plants, been interested in medicinal herbs and nutrition and healing from food over pharmacy. If left unpruned the white & purple varieties will grow to approx. Dec 28, 2017 - Explore carol quimby's board "Dwarf butterfly bushes" on Pinterest. Excellent for cutting. Butterfly bush attracts butterflies because its flowers are high in nectar. The Oregon Department of Agriculture has approved all available varieties, with one caveat: We can't call it Butterfly Bush any more. 20ft x 7ftW. Like all Proven Winners butterfly bushes, it blooms all summer without deadheading. Fourteen varieties are on that list, mostly from the Lo and Behold® and Flutterby® series. Use standard varieties of butterfly bush in the back of the border where their height will show to best effect and plant dwarf varieties along a garden path or in containers. Butterfly Bush Varieties-White. It is very striking in bloom. Big flowers on a small plant. Common name: Butterfly bush. The perfect butterfly and hummingbird attractor for small spaces, the ‘Ice Chip’ will fit in any yard or garden. Otherwise known as the ‘butterfly bush’, buddleia (Buddleja) is one of the best nectar shrubs you can plant for butterflies. Interesting Fact(s) - The name "Pugster" comes from the resemblance to a pug - short, stocky, and cute! Lo and Behold Lilac Chip Butterfly Bush. Butterfly Bush White Profusion. Miss Pearl Butterfly Bush is non-invasive and smaller in size than many other butterfly bush varieties. Pursuits in recent years have been more planting seeds of ideas for business growth more than gardening. The leaves are quite thick, textured and soft to the touch. FREE Shipping. That said, butterfly bush problems do occur, and this article will help. Product's Features; Feature Value; Colors: White: Deer Resistant: Yes: Max Height (feet): 8: Plant Lighting: Full Sun: Season Color: Summer: Spread: 4-6' Zones: 5-9: Recently Viewed Items. Lavender. The Buddleja davidii, Buddleja x weyeriana and Buddleja globosa varieties are the best options. Really a shrub, plants are best treated like perennials and pruned back hard each spring, to maintain a compact, bushy habit. Dwarf Josee Reblooming Lilac. Flower colors include blue, pink, red, violet, yellow, and white, and the shrub grows 5 to 10 feet tall and wide, depending on the variety. Some selections are compact and can be grown in containers. Some botanists think the basic white Butterfly Bush has the most potent lure for insects. Butterfly bush is a large, arching shrub that produces masses of flowers in midsummer to fall. About the Butterfly Bush. Growing Butterfly Bushes. That's "White Profusion" with it's very heavy flowerheads shown on the right. — PS If this auction has closed, I suggest you look for other auctions by spikey23, and “Ask a Question” of the seller to get more listed. You will find many Butterfly Bush Varieties when it comes to butterfly bush flower colors. How to grow buddlejas. The leaves are shaped like spear-heads and can be up to eight inches long. Butterfly Bushes (Buddleia davidii). Pugster White Butterfly Bush Spacing. These dwarf buddlejas make excellent accent plants and do well in containers. This non-invasive variety thrives in hot climates. This fast-growing deciduous shrub produces long-lasting, pure white honey-scented blossoms for months during the summer into fall without deadheading. Large, dense, fragrant, exquisite, crisp white flower panicles on a tidy, compact plant. These hybrids produce so little seed (less than 2% of traditional butterfly bushes), they are considered non-invasive varieties. A Butterfly Bush with pink, blue and white flowers on the same plant? Gardeners do too, for its heat and drought tolerance and deer resistance. It attracts a wide variety of species, including red admiral, peacock and small tortoiseshell. This selection has very long wands of clear white flowers, on a tall clump of green foliage. PUGSTER WHITE® Butterfly Bush. Growing Zones 5-9. When to plant Buddleia Shrubs. Dec 21, 2017 - Explore Faye Williams's board "Butterfly Bush" on Pinterest. Growing 4 to 7 feet tall, depending on how it is trimmed, and with an open habit, long narrow leaves and a profusion of flowers, it makes a great feature in any shrub bed, or grown in a row as a low screen. Each bloom is a full, dense cluster of crisp white blooms, emitting a honey-sweet fragrance and treating bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to a tasty snack. Pugster White ® gives butterfly bush a whole new look: - its small, sturdy frame bears large flowers the size you'd find on much taller plants. Pugster White® Dwarf Butterfly Bush Buddleja davidii 'SMNBDW' PP #28,795; CPBRAF. 29. Butterfly bushes are truly tough plants and grow well under a variety of conditions. Growing guide. The name of a popular variety, Whirling Butterflies, perfectly describes the way the plant resembles a cloud of butterflies when swaying in the breeze. The beautiful tubular, nectar-rich flowers (6 to 24" panicles) of this bush have a wonderful scent!They come in a variety of colors....purple, light blue, lavender, reddish-lavender, pink, white, or golden-yellow. The Buzz series, reaches around 1.5 to 2 metres in height, in our garden around 1.5m. In their view, Butterfly Bush is synonymous with the seedy type (B. davidii). The row measures about 30 feet long and 8 feet wide and 6 to 8 feet tall. However, this nectar only sustains the butterflies themselves – it does not provide crucial food sources for caterpillars (which are the larval or “baby” stage of a butterfly’s life cycle). This smaller growing Butterfly Bush, ‘Buddleja Buzz’, comes in a range of colours to suit any garden. Several varieties of Seedless Butterfly Bush are the result of this research, with each year bringing more great selections. Fragant - Butterfly Bush - White Ginger Cuban Na'tl Flower - Ginger Root #Z301. The stems are brown in color, with narrow strips of flaking bark. Buddleia 'SMNBDW' USPP 28,795; CBRAF. These include but are not limited to, purple, pink, blue, and white. Dwarf Burning Bush. LeAura Alderson. Pictured below is a three year old hedge of White Profusion Butterfly Bush. They are large upright oval to vase shaped varieties down to compact 12" tall dwarfs producing 4-12" long panicles with fragrant florets that bloom in shades of pink, purple, blue and white from June until frost. RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS. A prolific bloomer without deadheading - perfect carefree summer blooming specimen for warm, sunny, small gardens and containers. $19.45 $ 19. Due to its invasive nature, butterfly bush should be grown with some caution.

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