car seat expiry dates

Getting Rid of Expired Car … If you have a CHICCO CAR SEAT: . I know Evenflo have them and Graco. There are many differing timescales given, and car seats in the UK do not come with a stamped expiry date. Continuum 3-in-1 - EXPIRATION DATES - CC137; Grow and Go 3-in1 Car Seat - EXPIRATION DATES - CC138; XRS 65 - EXPIRATION DATES - CC070; Vello 65 - EXPIRATION DATES - CC135; Scenera - EXPIRATION DATES - (CC040, CC123, CC140, CC145, 22197) Priori - EXPIRATION DATES - (CC052, 22486, 22476) See all 16 articles "If they would not trust the seat past a certain date, then neither should we. Some people argue that their child’s car seat is used only so many times, and it’s only a marketing scheme to fool people into buying new car seats. A car seat needs to be safe, so the expiry date of your car seat must lay within the expiry date of the construction materials used. "It is important to follow manufacturer guidelines," Dr. Hoffman stresses. Here is the answer! There are no expiry dates on UK car seats. If the car seat was created before December 2013, your warranty might only be valid for six years, while newer models made after January 2014 likely range from eight to 10 years. CONVERTIBLE CAR SEATS. I was planning on using it as I know the history of the seat which I thought was fine until I looked up expiry of car seats. Can you use a car seat after an accident? Car seat expiration dates matter. This is important, as it reveals to the manufacturer any potential future hazards. (Interestingly, the expiry date for car seats differs from country to country - in the US it’s just six years.) To properly protect your child, the car seat must be in good shape and all labels and instructions present and readable. It is not always clear when a car seat becomes unsafe to use, and there are car seats on the market designed to last 11 years. "Car seats are a safety device. Why do we have car seat expiry dates? In addition to the limited lifespan of the materials, car seats are tested for a particular lifespan as well; this means that the safety of the car seat is only guaranteed for a limited time. The truth is that child car seats don’t really have an official expiry date – but it is a little more complicated than that. Yes, car seats typically expire after six years from the date of manufacture, though that can vary depending on manufacture and car seat. The Top 5 Most Common Car Seat Mistakes; 3 Across: The Magic Number; Product Lifespan Changes (Expiry Date) Child Accessory Harnesses (AKA H-Harness) How to Dispose of a Car Seat (Safely!) ... Re binning a car seat after 6 years, it seems utter madness, the things will take centuries to biodegrade, they won't stop functioning properly after 6 years. To find out when your seat expires, take a look at the seat itself. For example, safety technology is always improving. The most common and hazardous cause of child car seat expiry is the wearing and tearing of the car seat due to regular usage. Each seat or booster will have a date of manufacture printed on a sticker that’s somewhere on the seat or stamped into the seat itself; as well as on the registration card that came with the seat. Most car seats last between six and 10 years, but car seat expiration dates vary by manufacturer. in theory you can use for as long as you like Child restraints (baby seats, child seats, booster seats and booster cushions) sold in the UK must conform to the United Nations ECE Regulation R44.03 or later standard (R44.04). Check the expiration date of thrift store car seat purchases. Crash test expiry. Dave Greenbaum. All child car seats and booster seats sold in Canada have an expiry date on them. On the plus side, anyone who is still having children 10 years after they had the first one, and invested in their first car seat (and first time around, people tend to … Maxi-Cosi expiration dates range from eight years to twelve years, depending on the product. Years later, along comes another addition and out come the playpen, crib, stroller, car seat, etc. Lifespan’s differ depending on numerous different things, but the expiration date is easy to find either on the car seat itself or in the manual. Please see the suggestions and photos below to help you locate your expiration date: For most models, this information is molded into the plastic shell of the seat – either on the back of the seat shell or on the bottom of the base. All the seats i have at the moment do not have printed expiry dates on them as they are all valid for 10 years.

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