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Jun 26, 2017 - Explore Clarissa Kearns's board "pita sandwiches" on Pinterest. Find healthy, delicious recipes with pita bread, such as recipes for pita pockets, pita pizza and pita chips from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell. Healthy Chicken Avocado Sandwich. Pita bread is mostly used to make sandwiches. Pita sandwiches and wrap sandwiches are such great vehicles for anything that can go between the bread of a traditional sandwich.Pita wrap recipes make a perfect holder for anything even a little bit saucy; it’s like having an edible bowl. Wrap a damp paper towel around the pita bread and microwave until just warmed (about 10 seconds per pita). Fill the pita breads with the salad then store the sandwiches in a bento box of in foil so you can bring them out. Although, these stuffed pitas are fabulous too sans hummus. Reduce the fat by reducing the amount of avocado and the changing the fresh mozzarella to a low-fat version Submitted by: OVERWEIGHT90 You can also keep the bread at room temperature. add onion and cook for 10 minutes. The Stir to dissolve and let sit for 5 minutes or until a foam develops on top. 4. If a recipe is healthy, then it better be tasty and it better be easy. If you plan to eat the sandwiches right now, heat up pita breads in the oven at 360°F (180°c) or in the microwave for 30 seconds. Cut the pita breads into two halves. Serve them as pita pockets for dinner filled with Greek meatballs or gyro meat, or enjoy them as chips with fresh tzatziki sauce and hummus! If you follow my recipe you will end up with the softest pita bread that you've ever had. More Vegetarian Sandwich Recipes to Love. Using pita in place of fried potato chips for your favorite dips is also a healthier option. These are a regular meal during busy days. 4 Ways to Eat Pita Bread 1. You can also top a whole wheat pita with lettuce, veggies, feta cheese, and tzatziki sauce and eat it like a pizza. The bread can be kept at room temperature overnight, then store it in the fridge for up to 4 days or it can be frozen. This quick lunch recipe is loaded with heart-healthy omega-3s thanks to the canned sockeye salmon. You'll be rewarded with delicious, puffy pockets—the signature characteristic of this Middle Eastern and Mediterranean bread. The upside is that when you make them at home each pita pocket costs just pennies each. The most delicious soft and fluffy healthy sandwich bread ever! A serving contains 322 milligrams of sodium contributing 13% of the DV for sodium. brown meat in 10 inch skillet until cooked. 3. In a small bowl combine the warm water, sugar and yeast. Take a bowl add Grated apple, cabbage, cucumber, coriander, ½ tbs spoon curd, black pepper, salt, green chilly, mix all of them, spread it on pita fold it served with humus and lotus stem chips. red onion, garbanzo beans, pita bread, tomatoes, greek yogurt and 6 more Turkey and Avocado Sandwich Avocado Pesto alfalfa sprouts, mayonnaise, avocado, tomato, basil … Turn over with tongs or spatula and bake 1 minute more. Wait—Are Pitas Healthy? This will make it more malleable and less likely to break. Perfectly fluffy Homemade Pita Bread is made with only a few easy-to-find ingredients and in less than 30 minutes! This recipe is so easy to make and can be customized with the ingredients you have at home. Carefully lift the dough circle and place quickly on hot baking sheet. Because it’s thinner than standard sliced bread or rolls, pita can cut down on carb intake when making a sandwich. Fill the mixture into all 4 pockets evenly. Bake at … If you're bringing this sandwich for lunch, keep the salmon salad separate and stuff the pita just before eating. A satisfying and healthy sandwich for few calories. A piece of pita bread can be a part of a healthy snack or meal, but is not necessarily “healthy” on its own. You can fold the pita in half and go in for a big bite. DIRECTIONS. Having pita bread is not a good idea for people who are cautious about their sodium intake. After 2 minutes the dough should be nicely puffed. Wrap the stuffed breads in a foil. Sandwiches. Fortunately, pita bread freezes well so you can take a few hours on the weekend to make a big batch and toss them in the freezer for another day. Cake flour, All purpose or Bread … This recipe is made with very basic ingredients and so easy to make. Cut a “hat” on each pita bread. Each serving of pita bread provides 33 grams of carbohydrates. Perfect for sandwiches, dipping in stews, party platters, or for slathering with butter and honey and enjoying with a cup of tea. There are a couple of ways you can eat a Roasted Vegetable Pita Sandwich. Or you can stuff the pita pocket with the roasted veggies, feta, and tzatziki sauce. Avocado Turkey Pita Sandwich. How to Make Plain Pita Bread Sandwich. This pita bread recipe is easy to make and requires few ingredients. I used this pita pocket bread recipe and it requires the dough to rise twice for 30 minutes each. This easy sandwich will fill you up with lean protein, along with a hearty 5 grams of fiber from the whole-grain pita and veggies that you stuff inside. It’s easy to eat well when it takes no time at all to put lunch together. Ideas for Storing Pita Bread How to keep pita bread fresh? Healthy and delicious recipe must try,,,, Ingredients Cooking oil 1 - 2 tbs Boneless chicken 300 g Chopped garlic 1 tbs White vinegar 1 tsp Soy sauce 1 … Mix all the ingredients except the bread. I like homemade hummus, but store bought will work! Carefully scoop out some bread from each half to make a pocket. The Vegetarian Reuben This olive and veg sandwich makes an easy vegan, low-calorie lunch option to eat al-desko Using canned salmon, lettuce and some seasoning you can create this simple, healthy lunch. When dressing the salad, hold off a few teaspoons, toss the salad, taste, then add more if desired. See more ideas about pita sandwiches, recipes, healthy recipes. Ingredients needed. To assemble the sandwiches, layer about 2-3 tablespoons of the hummus, yogurt sauce, and tabbouleh, with some greens, tomato, and carrots, in that order, on each pita. White flour: Use any white flour you have. Luckily, these Chicken Pita Sandwiches are all of the above! This authentic Mediterranean bread recipe has no yeast and can easily be adapted to be gluten-free, too. Wraps are roll and go: they can be hot or cold, and the tortillas used can be plain, whole wheat or flavored. Pita bread makes wonderful sandwiches , easy to stuff with your favorite fillings. Once a foam develops on top, add 1 Tbsp of olive oil. add taco seasoning with water and cook additional 10 minutes. Eat the rainbow with our simple, healthy, veggie wrap. The best way to keep homemade pita bread fresh, is to allow it to cool then cover tightly with plastic food wrap (or place into a plastic bag). This pita sandwich recipe calls for prepared hummus (optional)*.

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